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7 tips to your road trip

7 tips to your road trip

1. Have soooome idea about where you want to go
The freedom feeling of not knowing where you're going and not having any plans is amazing. But it sucks to spend precious time travel time on researching basic things. So invest some hours in rough planning before you leave, you won't regret it!

2. Get the right ride
You're gonna be spending a lot of hours in the car, be sure you choose one that you know you'll love <3

3. Don’t stop the music
OK, for some this is even more important than having a specific type of car. Remember to download playlists so you can access them offline and bring a mini jack cable so you're not stuck listening to crappy radio for hours on end.

4. Be cool
Buy a decent cooler so you always have cold drinks and chilled snacks at hand. It'll save you money and it's great to have some Cokes to pop when you suddenly discover an amazing vista.

5. Befriend the GPS
Even if you wanna ride yolo and not necessarily follow a detailed route - it really is nice to get to that diner in time before it closes.

6. Tank up
Gas is a boring thing to spend your dough on. Try to tank up outside of the big cities, gas prices can be as much as a dollar per gallon cheaper.
Though a lot cheaper than at home, gas prices in the States are no longer as cheap as they used to be.

7. Cash is king
Most states in the US have toll roads which are going to cost you a few bucks every now and then so try keeping some cash in the car.